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Voyage en Angleterre

Black Country Living Museum

Par Elsa LAMBERT--MOREAU, publié le vendredi 22 juin 2018 16:27 - Mis à jour le vendredi 22 juin 2018 16:41

The morning of the first day, went to the BCLM. It’s an open air museum with houses, shops... It's a big village from the early 20th century it's big so we walked. We the liked the shops but we have a preference a lot for the sweet shop! We are visited mine shaft, we were terrified! It is dark and damp and cold... We had a lesson with a teacher from the 19th century in the old school. We liked it, It was funny! We worked on the Alphabet did Arithmetic’s and we wrote on slates. We loved it, it's beautiful! We would really recommend ! Inès et Elsa

The black country living museum is fantastic. It is the best museum, I have ever visited. There's so much to see and do, we didn't get around everything in 6 hours. We attended a school lesson, the schoolmaster was strict but very funny. The vintage vehicles (omnibuses ,bikes, cars ...)are cool. The village is old. It is full of objects from the beginning of the 20th century; There is an old mine called “Racecourse Colliery”, we saw an old Tar Sprayer. We came out of the museum knowing lots of things ! Thaïs et Léna

The first day, we visited the Black Country Living Museum. We visited the shops, the houses and the mine. We had a old lesson with a false teacher. The BCLM is a reconstruction of a small mining town. We played with old games. It was cool but it was too long and tiring. On the third day, we visited the city of chester. The city was busy, it was crowded on the walls. We saw the cathedral, a clock and black and white houses . It was the worst walking tour I have ever taken. It was very tiring and too long and the guide was not very interesting. Lila et Tom

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