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Voyage en Angleterre


Par Morgane COLON, publié le mardi 19 juin 2018 12:01 - Mis à jour le mardi 19 juin 2018 12:21

  • Manchester is the most interesting visit we have ever made and the guide it was very good.

  • I didn't really enjoy Manchester because I don't like big towns but the guide was extremely knowledgeable

  • Manchester : nice attraction...lots to see .Our guide was helpful and informative

  • Manchester was very good because we learned a lot

  • Manchester: it was a bit disappointing because, I just saw town.  Manchester was my favorite tourn, It was totally worth a visit.

  • We had very cool time in Manchester lot to see. We met wonderful people.

  • I didn't like the visit of the city but the football museum was very interesting.

  • Manchester is a very nice little town but there is not much to do if you want to visit a lot of things it is better to visit another city. Manchester has some nice buildings.

  • we saw skyscrapers it was nice and Chester was so beautiful.

  • We liked Manchester because the buldings were lovely and we visited the football museum,it was interesting.



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