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Voyage en Angleterre


Par Morgan JAGOT, publié le mardi 13 janvier 2015 15:33 - Mis à jour le mardi 13 janvier 2015 15:41

Hi! Everybody, I went to England with my class. It was a fantastic experience. I want to speak about Oxford. We arrived around 11:15 am.We stayed one week. We arrived at Trinity college around 11:30 am.we visited Trinity colllege, it was a very big college. We visited the hall and the chapel. We went in the streets of Oxford.We went past the Bodleian library. We visited the Natural History Museum. It's great! We walked past the Carfax Tower, the Bridge of Sighs, the Covered Market, the Radcliffe Camera and the Sheldowian Theatre. The two rivers of Oxford are the Thames and the Cherwell. It was a nice trip!cheekysmileycool