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Voyage en Angleterre

the museum of natural history

Par Werner WOLFF, publié le mardi 6 janvier 2015 16:19 - Mis à jour le mardi 6 janvier 2015 16:50


We're back from England ! It was a great trip ! London is a beautiful city and the monuments are very interesting, especially the museum of natural history, it is big ant it is the most beautiful museum in londonlaugh


 On the first day, we went to the natural history museum, the museum is divided into four zones.

-In the green zone : we saw skeletons of fish and crocodiles and the big big skeleton of a dinosaur !!! We saw the statue of the famous Charles Darwin and a very very very … big slice of wood !indecision (it is a sequoia )

- In the blue zone, we saw different species of fish ( it was beautiful and we saw a stuffed crocodile and a shark )

- The red zone explained the mecanisms of eathquakes and volcanoes, we saw an earthquake simulator ( the floor moved from right to left ) !!! I was scared

 We didn't visit the yellow zone because the museum is sooooooo bigcrying. We went back to the coach and we went to meet the host families !smiley

Werner Wolff 4F