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Voyage en Angleterre

The natural museum of London

Par Mathis VISONNEAU, publié le vendredi 23 janvier 2015 15:41 - Mis à jour le lundi 2 février 2015 09:52

Hi, how are you ? We are fine and we are going to tell you what we saw in the Natural History Museum of London. On Monday afternoon, we went to the Natural History Museum of London. We saw a gigantic skeleton of a diplodocus, it lived 150 millions years ago. Above the entrance, we saw an enormous slice of one of the biggest sequoïas in the world. It was 1300 years old. The entrance was fantastic. Above the stairs in the hall, we looked at Darwin's statue. In the room of the birds, we saw a stuffed dodo, an extinct bird. It was very strange for a bird ! On the left of the room, we saw a skeleton of a Megatherium americanum, a big mammal, it was awesome. In the « Creepy crawlies » room, Art and I saw an ant house and ants but they were the only living animals in the room. Too bad! In the mineral gallery and The Vault we saw an enormous collection of minerals. The museum has got an enormous collection of diamonds : 315, it's the biggest collection of diamonds in the world and each diamond is a different color. It's magnificent !




Art Churin and Mathis Visonneau 4E