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Voyage en Angleterre

Tower Bridge and the boat cruise

Par Axelle SIMON, publié le mardi 27 janvier 2015 14:52 - Mis à jour le lundi 2 février 2015 09:46

Hi! Welcome to our blog! We are going to tell you about a great trip: Axelle and I went to London...


In november, we went to London and we saw lots monuments.We went to the Royal Observatory in Greewhich and after that we ate our picnic, it was not very good.

We walked across the park and we are arrived at Greenwich Pier. We arrived finally in front of a huge boat! We decided to take the boat. When we boarded the boat Dorine nearly fell in the water! It was so funny!

We sat in the front of the boat with Tess and Dorine, Axelle and the cruise began! The scenery was so pretty. At the end we saw the big buildings and the famous bridge: Tower Bridge. Axelle and me took lots pretty pictures. The bridge was blue and white. The cruise lasted 30 minutes. Then we left Tower Pier to go and visit the Tower of London. heartlaugh