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Voyage en Angleterre

Windsor Castle

Par Rémi GUILBAUD, publié le mardi 6 janvier 2015 17:00 - Mis à jour le lundi 19 janvier 2015 09:51

Hi everybody ! We're homewink! And … no! We didn't get lost in London and no, we didn't get shot by a queen's guard! But read on, you won't be disappointed. Well, let's start with a castle. Windsor castle is so beautiful and big. It is the queen's second home. It is 900 years old. And it was built by William the Conqueror, at the time it was made of wood.indecision It's awesome! In St George's Chapel, we saw the tomb of Elizabeth, the Queen's Mother. Then, we saw Queen Mary's doll house. And after that, we visited the State appartements, they were putting up the Christmas decorations. In the Queen's drawing Room, we found the portraits of King Henry VIII, Edward VI, King James I, Charles I and Charles II.angel In the King's Dinning Room, The «banquet of the gods» was painted on the ceiling . In George's hall, it was amazing,the shields which decorate the ceiling show the coats of arms of the knights of the order of the Garter and when the king didn't like a knight he erased his shield !.

This castle is extraordinary. We loved this castle!!!!heart